Match Fit Tools

Companion Workbooks

Match Fit for Transformation is a practical guide for teams setting out on their Match Fit journey. To help you bring your journey to life there are two supporting Excel workbooks:

  1. Baseline Assessment – where you can compare the starting point for up to 8 teams.
  2. Team Workplan – a detailed workplan for each team to track their actions and progress towards getting Match Fit.

Both are simple tools to use with a link to an instructional video to guide you step-by-step through the process.

These workbooks are free when you purchase a copy of the book!

Topics Covered

Baseline Assessment

Assess how progressed your teams are using the Match Fit for Transformation current state assessment.

Execution Prioritisation

Using your baseline assessment the tool will recommend a preferred execution pathway.

Action Plan

The tools help you create relevant action items, assign accountability, set the project plan and track progress.

Progress Dashboard

Both tools offer a dashboard to help you visualise where your teams are at and their progress.

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Match Fit For Transformation is about equipping teams with the tools and techniques they need to survive and thrive in a transformational environment and set themselves up for the workforce of the future. Grab a copy for your team members and start the journey together, you will:

Author spotlight

Nigel is a passionate and innovative senior executive specialising in service operations management, known for driving performance and rapid transformational change, while leading large, award-winning teams in complex delivery networks distributed across many countries and locations.

Nigel’s career path started in management consulting, where he worked across a wide range of functions and industries from sales to finance, and from the public sector to automotive manufacturing. He subsequently transitioned to financial services operations, where he spent considerable time exploring the “black box” of payments. He is known for challenging received wisdom and for being an industry thought leader in operational excellence.

Nigel Adams

Readers say

“Refreshing to see a book that is both straightforward and pragmatic.”

Neil Bentley
Co-Founder, ActiveOps Ltd

“… a checklist and ready reckoner for planning and implementing transformation…”

Pankajam Sridevi
Group General Manager, ANZ Bank