Trial by Kafka

Process governance is a hot topic in Financial Services since the Hayne Royal Commission. Unfortunately many organisations seem to be missing the point and the opportunity good process governance presents.

Transformation Perspectives

I've written a number of articles on transformation recently from multiple perspectives - people, change, risk, financial and operational. This post summarises each one with links to the media they were published in.

How to transform your business

Hire external or train existing staff? This is one of the major dilemmas facing any mature organisation embarking on digital transformation. With the odds of success so low, the stakes are high.

What’s the key to successful digital transformation?

This people-oriented approach makes transformation more achievable and delivers benefits along the way.

The importance of day-to-day delivery teams to fund digital transformation

Digital Transformation is hard. Bringing the day-to-day delivery teams into the transformational tent can play an important role in helping fund the transformation and increase the odds of success.


Kanban is a critical element in agile project management. But if you don't manage the bottleneck, there will be unintended consequences.
Match Fit for Transformation On Sale Now

The Story Behind Match Fit For Transformation

For those of you interested in the background story to the book, this short video clip should provide some of the answers.

Will MVP Fail Fast?

Agile practices may have revolutionised the pace at which change and innovation is delivered, but it's not an excuse for poor quality and delivering what customers value.

Digital Doldrums

With a failure rate as high as 95% digital transformation is not for the faint hearted. Maybe it's time to turn to the Run teams.

Kowalski, give me options

In a post-fact world, relying on rational decision making tools may seem redundant, which is a shame given the riches on offer.

Worried About A No-Deal Brexit? Join The Queue

With a "No Deal" BREXIT looking ever more likely, a nation famous for its queuing etiquette may need to take a refresher course in the Psychology of Waiting Lines.

Commissioner Hayne’s BEAR Necessities

Commissioner Hayne points the way for ADIs to adopt a process perspective. The ensuing quality uplift will be a win for everyone.
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