Match Fit for Transformation

As organisations push ahead with their transformation agenda, the odds of success are uncomfortably low – particularly digital transformations. The answer lies in not just building the capability of the teams doing the transformation but also bringing those responsible for day-to-day delivery into the transformational tent.  But first they need to get Match Fit.  Match Fit for Transformation aims to improve the transformational odds by equipping day-to-day teams and their leaders to do far more with far less, learning new skills so they can support the transformation, setting it and themselves up for success.

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Match Fit for Transformation


The digital economy is both an existential threat and an extraordinary opportunity, although with a success rate as low as 5%, transforming a mature organisation into a digital business is fraught with danger. Transformation is not a quick fix, especially when the organisation is entangled in a mess of process proliferation and legacy systems. It is resource intensive and the skills required are in high demand, expensive, and rarely available in house.

To fund this, operating budgets are cut, and day-to-day delivery teams have to do far more with far less. They must continue to deliver services with fewer resources, using the scraps left over from the investment allocation process. They must drive innovation and improvement because customers won’t wait. To make it even harder, they must support the transformation team by providing subject matter expertise and absorb change at a pace and quality level they haven’t had to confront before. And if that’s not enough, they assume they are the ones who will be replaced by robots when the transformation completes. Keeping the team focused and filled with optimism for the future is extraordinarily challenging.

The solution is to get Match Fit and figure out how to operate in this type of environment. And to do that the team must free-up capacity and learn how to do their jobs better, work effectively with the transformation team and find time to acquire the new skills that will equip them to participate in the workforce of the future.

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