" We are a boutique advisory firm specialising in building operational excellence capability and the governance to support it. Founded in 2019, both directors have their own area of specialisation and share deep expertise in financial services. "
Nigel Adams


Whether you are new to role, or have been in your role for some time and about to change direction, understanding your current state operational capability is fundamental to whatever journey you are going on.

Are your team aligned from the executive level to team members? Is your digital transformation setup for success? Are there Red Flags getting in the way of strategy execution? Do your team have the right operational technical skills? It may be a capability inventory, design of an assessment centre for your leaders or an operational audit.  Whatever form it takes, an objective perspective from an industry thought leader, armed with the a proprietary toolset, techniques and frameworks will ensure that, as you embark on your journey, you know precisely where you’re starting from.

Leading a service delivery team through transformational change is extraordinarily challenging.  Operating and investment budgets are reduced, subject matter experts are on-loan to the change team and there is an underlying fear about the future role of the team.  

This is a different environment and to have a seasoned coach by your side to challenge your assumptions, discuss options, run through what-ifs, review implementation approaches and reflect on decisions made gives you an immediate advantage.



Building empowered, self-directed teams, with new ways of working takes training.  And not just any training.  At face value the tools and techniques may appear to be straightforward.  In many cases they are simple, but not easy. 

Designing and delivering operational excellence programs that are engaging, fun, memorable and convey both an understanding of the underlying principles and how to apply the theory in practice requires significant instructional expertise.

Sometimes all you need is a second opinion.  You’ve engaged a consultancy firm and you would like another perspective on their proposal.  You have a remediation program underway and you need to know if it’s on the right track and going to have the required effect.  You have a plan in place to deliver ever more stretching targets and you want an independent view of how realistic it is.  Maybe you have lost a key senior executive and need someone to mentor a rising star or even act as nightwatchman for a short period.  These and many other questions and scenarios like them are where we can help.